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Websites work best for the end user when they have great graphics and branding that flows seamlessly through the entire website. You may have your logo, so its my job to integrate that in to the design of your website, making it clear on every page that its your website! 

I can help with that!


One of the major reason people use WordPress is because you can extend the functionality to make it an extremely advanced site that does all sorts of cool things.


Divi isn’t just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your website from the ground up.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable


Let me introduce myself, my name is Di Winn and I am Geek Practique.

I design and host websites for groups, organisations and businesses.

As you can see from my list of clients, I am a feminist and I openly support female based businesses as a priority. The web design industry is very male dominated. Some women only want to work with other women as a result of their lived experience that has made them suspicious/untrusting toward males.

I am here to fulfill that demand.

When I left school in the 1980’s, web design as a career wasn’t a thing, so I let my creativity out creating paintings, glass paintings and mosaics. I approach web design in the same way that I approach my arts and crafts endeavours. With a balance of enthusiasm and a keen eye on attention to detail.

I find the process of building a website therapeutic in the same way that I find any kind of creativity therapeutic. I have to prise myself away from a project, but like all self employed web designers, the work never really finishes. Making sure that my clients are fully satisfied with my service and their end product, is the priority for me.

I don’t talk in Geek speak. I’m not going to try to bamboozle you with lots of techy terms to sound clever. I’m going to talk to you in plain english, listen to your needs from your website, give you my honesty and integrity as standard, and make your website dreams come true!

Let's Build Something

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