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What’s in your Mind. Beautifully Built.

What we do

The Arty Stuff and The Geeky Stuff

The Arty Stuff

Working with Wood, Glass, Mosaics and Cob to create bespoke gifts and installations for your Home and Garden.  We are happy to take on Outdoor Kitchens projects!

The Geeky Stuff

Web Design and Hosting based on an individual service that creates a bespoke plan and website specific to your personal or business needs.

Working with Wood

Working with Glass

Working with Mosaic

More About The Arty  Stuff

If it can be made out of wood. If it can be created on or with glass. If it can be designed and delivered as a mosaic. If it can be built out of cob. Then it can be produced for you by Geek Practique. Some of our products are created via other mediums, such as Acrylics and Needlecraft. Whatever idea you have for a bespoke gift, item or installation, why not get in touch and find out how we can make your vision your reality.

Getting in touch is the first step!

Please call or fill in our contact form and we can see if your dreams can come true.

  • Bird boxes for Garden Birds and Raptors
  • Hedgehog Houses and Feeding Stations
  • Tables, Benches and other Outdoor Furniture
  • Planters, Raised Beds and other Garden Accessories
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design and Installation
  • Decorative Woodworking Solutions (Indoors and Out)
  • Glass Painted Windows and many other glass painted items
  • Mosaic Tables, Flower Pots, Wall Installations and much more
  • Cob Walls, Pizza Ovens and more. We often use Cob in our Outdoor Kitchens!
  • Pretty much anything you can make using Wood, Painted Glass, Mosaic, Cob, Acrylics and textiles!

More About The Geeky Stuff

Whether you are looking for a website as an individual to keep in touch with friends and family, or you are a small business or not-for-profit organisation looking to establish your online presence and brand, we can provide a tailor-made solution for you.

Getting in touch is the first step!

Please call or fill in our contact form and we can make your online presence your a reality.

  • WordPress Individual Blog Sites
  • WordPress Sites for Groups and Organisations
  • Small Business Brochure Sites
  • Small Business eCommerce Sites
  • Not-for-Profit Sites
  • Charity Sites
  • Full Design and Hosting Services

Potty the Pirate

GP are fantastic to deal with, and totally dedicated to providing exactly what the customer wants. GP built two of my websites in the past, before I decided to take over my own website management. GP is extremely knowledgeable about SEO, and produces fabulous results. I’d recommend GP wholeheartedly to anyone who needs a great WebMaster.

AJG Financial Advisor

This was a new experience – GP does the arty/creative stuff as well as the geeky coding and building stuff. So, I’m ending up with a bespoke website, exactly how I pictured at an affordable price. How cool is that? If you are reading this, and want a website that’s more individual to your needs, you need to talk to GP.

Biltong Cutter, Anon

As a South African here in the UK I was struggling to find the perfect Biltong Cutter as anything more than a picture. Then I came across GP and showed the picture to them. Voila, I have the perfect Biltong Cutter now. I’ve enclosed a picture of a Biltong Dehydrator with my recommendation! GP are working on it already.

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